A brave new world

So, we’re out of The Beatles and The Beach Boys.  I realize after listening to The Beach Boys that I like their lesser known songs more than what they’re actually famous for.

But, now we’re back in the quagmire, slopping through albums featuring large string-band families and other groups that have signed deals with record labels called “Kama Sutra Music Inc.”  Right now we’re listening to Beck, Bogert & Appice and it’s what I’ve christened as rusty blues; it’s rock/blues and it could give you tetanus if you listen too much–that’s how tough it is!  It’s the kind of music you should listen to before a “you-don’t-have-the-guts-off” with a friend.  This is where you and your friend scream at each other, “You know how I know you aren’t going to pull the trigger?!  ‘Cus I know you don’t have the guts to do it!”  It’s the kind of music this guy would listen to:

Hes got the guts... do you?

He's got the guts... do you?

Tune in often for more reports from the field.




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