The Beatles… a day in the history of music

So it’s happened… we’ve hit the Beatles.  We’re doing all the albums that are in the collection in chronological order.  See where we are HERE.  These albums have seen a bit of use.  A few tracks skip too much to even be listened to.

Personally, I’ve never bought into the “hype,” if such a thing can exists over forty-years later, around “the greatest band ever.”  However, today has helped me to see how impressive they were.  The amount of experimentation in pushing their sound in new directions and remembering what your other options in music were at the time, demonstrates to me how impressive this stuff is.

From silly cover band in 1962 to albums that changed the way we listen to music in 1967; an impressive feat.  But, I’m still not sold on them as “the greatest band ever,” but who knows maybe I’m the walrus in this equation.


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#1 echobravodelta on 05.26.09 at 9:40 pm

I found my appreciation of the beatles growing after reading Malcolm Gladwell’s Outliers. Now I keep thinking of what I can do to spend 10,000 hours doing something, and refering to each chance as my “Hamberg”, which is the spot that Gladwell credits as the place where they worked by virture of sheer volume to achieve their musical greatness.

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