Rules are Rules!

Alexa brought up an excellent point this morning as we were listening to Gary Bartz’s 1973 album I’ve Known Rivers and other Bodies.  A sexy title to what I would call “modern” or “ahead” Jazz.  The sound goes all over the place and it seems like any kind of melody is a cast-away convention of the old world.  My liking for this genre is… well “growing.” Generally, I compare this kind of music to the sounds a three year old makes: screaming words and being frustrated by almost everything.  There’s a sense that they’re making things sound different just for the sake of being different.  A important exercise maybe once in a persons life.  Obviously, I’m being over dramatic here and missing some basic and key elements to enjoying this genre.  I never claim to know what “real” music is, but right now, at this point in my life, this music does not speak to me.

Alexa pointed out that if we have unlimited vetoes then we basically would only listen to what we like and we wouldn’t learn anything.  Learning, as Alexa pointed out, should be painful.

So I present a NEW RULE!  The new rule is Alexa and I each get only 10 vetoes for this entire journey.  That’s a grand total of 20 vetoes for 3,000 or 4,000 albums.  That’s between .6% and .5% for you math freaks.  It could be a long ride.


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#1 Chris Roose on 01.29.10 at 9:29 am

Hey Alexa and Matt, fun blog! If you want to hear a really cool Gary Bartz tune check out “Celestial Blues” from his album “Harlem Bush Music.” It features the amazing Andy Bey on vocals. Keep up the good work! I’m jealous — I wish we were doing this when I worked there.

All the best,

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