More than Bananas

We found this record naked and haphazardly thrown inside another album jacket. I lost a quarter to Matt since I guessed the artist was Odetta or another female singer of the sort. It turned out to be Harry Belafonte Live at Carnegie Hall (1959, RCA). He’ll forever be know for his ‘Banana Boat’ song, but here it’s mostly ”Cotton Fields,’ ‘John Henry’ and other folk songs.

Belafonte returned to Carnegie Hall in 1960 to record another album. Once we break on through the B’s, I’ll let you know how that sounds.

It’s a very soulful album. I give it 4 Murray Streets (out of 5 from the yet to be established rating system).

Listen to side 1 here:

Belafonte Live at Carnegie Hall (1959, RCA)


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